3-D Printed Packaging

KnurlPack is our core technology process. Patented as 3-D Printed Packaging (Packaging Process), our innovation in packaging provides disruptive opportunities for packaging of locally crafted or manufactured products in 3-D printed packages.  Packaging can be printed partly or fully around products and goods, customized 

What does 3-D Printed Packaging do for You?

Your packages 

  • Can be created to serve as both protection and display
  • Can be prepared for retail sale & distribution, transportation & shipping, or storage, including protective packaging features
  • Can be designed and printed on demand, in any quantity; sizes can be customized or standardized 
  • Can incorporate safety, storage, tracking, shipping, sale or others features as needed by the manufacturer or seller
  • Can be printed of a wide variety of materials, including plastic, metal, ceramic, or combinations required, advances in materials included in filing, may include paper, and cardboard or corrugated replacement materials
  • Can include addresses, postage, and shipping information  printed on the package in 2-D or 3-D during a single packaging operation
  • Can accommodate specification changes on demand
  • Can improve cost effectiveness and speed continuously as printers and computing technologies increase in power and speed and decrease in cost

Collaboration is built into our DNA

We're about disrupting packaging as we know it - and to do that we'll work with business and industry, colleges and universities, business plan competitions, manufacturers, printer companies, and others, to create innovative products and solutions. 

License our IP

We'll license our IP for innovative products and services - build it into printers and manufacturing processes for instance. For colleges and universities, and particularly for students, we'll create innovative license terms so there are no costs to use the technology in innovation - no fees until commercialization reaches profitability and then at pre-determined costs so you can build your businesses, products, and services. 

Packaging is only one part of our ecosystem

Packaging is a core part of our ecosystem, and it works with the others to disrupt supply chains and create opportunities. KnurlNetwork is our platform for attaching 3-D printers and manufacturing equipment to designers, marketers, and other service providers, and then to businesses and consumers. And KnurlCoin is our crypto-currency built to encourage massive network effects by incentivizing people to use the network, to provide manufacturing capacity, to offer services on the network, and to revolutionize the supply chain. 

Ready to work with us or innovate in the supply chain?

Contact us, and let's figure out what we can do together. 

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