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Disrupting the supply chain with smart contract-enabled distributed manufacturing and 3-D printed packaging

About Knurls

An image of a 3-D printer on the KnurlNetwork in the process of printing.

3D-Printed Packaging, Smart Contract-Enabled

  • Our patented processes and systems for 3D-printed packaging, packaging in whole or in part for traditionally manufactured or 3D printed items, for retail, shipment, or storage, leverage smart-contracts and the blockchain to secure products, services, and supply chains. Amazing products have always been distinguished by amazing packages. Our processes and systems will build your business and brands. Licensing our patented technology will enhance your customer reach.


  • Our patent-pending distributed manufacturing network - manufacture anything, anywhere, using network-attached 3-D printers or other manufacturing equipment to build your products and get them into any distribution channel, or create your own. Attach underutilized equipment to the network and put it to to full use. Offer services in design, branding, marketing, and more to the packaged goods and manufacturing sector. With smart contracts, take control of manufacturing and supply chain opportunities, use big data, and create new business opportunities.


  • The KnurlCoin token enables the KnurlNetwork, and builds incentives for equipment owners, manufacturers, designers, and IP owners to provide their capacity, innovations, and distribution networks, including licensing on demand for patented processes, and copyrighted, patented, or trademarked products in a secured, distributed manufacturing marketplace. Connecting tokens to the real world, for B2B or B2C customers. As near to magic, or a replicator, as you can get!

Our Team

James Schmeling, JD. CEO and Founder

Air Force veteran. Iowa Law & Iowa State University alum. Co-founder Institute for Veterans and Military Families and Burton Blatt Institute. Co-built Coalition for Veteran Owned Business. Techstars Patriot Bootcamp Mentor.

Fred Wellman, MPA. President, CMO and Co-Founder

Lt Col, US Army (RET). West Point & Harvard alum. Founder & CEO of ScoutComms, a "Best in the World" B-Corp, clients include USAA Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project & Home Depot Foundation.

Shay Colson, MS, CISSP. Senior Platform and Security Engineer, Co-Founder

Cybersecurity Engineer, US Treasury

Supporting large-scale systems with 100M+ users, $1T+ annual revenue. Mentor at Unbanked Ventures. Technical Co-Founder.

Dave Divine, JD. Board Member and Patent Attorney

Leads 19 attorneys writing patents for clients like Microsoft, Amazon, & Alibaba. Expertise in 3D printing, medical devices, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware, and e-commerce technologies. Ranked by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) as one of the top 1000 patent practitioners worldwide.


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Knurls includes KnurlCoin, KnurlNetwork, and more

With an extensive portfolio of granted and pending patents, Knurls' team members have been building our IP since 2013, and our company since 2016. Our products and services will change the nature of manufacturing, supply chains, and more. Join us in building our future!