KnurlCoin is for Distributed Manufacturing, 3-D Printed Packaging, and Supply Chain

KnurlCoin is our cryptocurrency for the supply chain, including KnurlNetwork (distributed manufacturing) and KnurlPack (3-D printed packaging). Tying innovation to the real world of manufacturing, packaging, and the supply chain, KnurlCoin and the KnurlNetwork incentivizes disruption by engaging small and medium-sized manufacturers, additive manufacturers, packaging experts including designers, and B2B/B2C stakeholders who innovate from design to delivery and beyond.

A token tied to the real world

KnurlCoin inventivizes manufacturing, packaging, and transportation logistics actors to innovate and disrupt the supply chain. Using smart contracts creates novel opportunities for the supply chain from tracking raw materials, through design and manufacturing, and into the supply chain, as well as providing data insights post-delivery. 

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