Distributed manufacturing for the rest of the world

KnurlNetwork is our distributed manufacturing platform. Worldwide, built to incentivize small and medium-sized manufacturers and equipment owners, service providers, designers, transportation logistics providers, and others to join KnurlNetwork and design, manufacture, package, and deliver anything, anywhere, at any time, with massive IoT data available from manufacturing and packaging, in the supply chain, and in post-delivery usage. Smart-contract enabled, using the KnurlCoin cryptocurrency, distributed manufacturing will change how things are made, packaged, delivered, and even how they're used post-delivery.

Patent pending, disruptive, and scalable

Massive capacity, underutilized, exists in manufacturing globally, including traditional manufacturing, 3-D printing, and more. KnurlNetwork ties it together for B2B and B2C retailers and suppliers, creating new, first of its kind opportunities to disrupt manufacturing, transportation logistics, and supply chains.

What is distributed manufacturing?

A global network of manufacturing equipment, including 3-D printers, used to create customized products and packages on demand, at scale or in individual quantities, in one or multiple locations. The network attaches to the global supply chain or the local supply chain as needed. With payments made through KnurlCoin, using smart-contracts, everyone in the supply chain can have complete visibility into all aspects of ordering, manufacturing, transportation logistics, and the supply chain. And when tied to smart packaging, even usage post-delivery can be part of the data stream.

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